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Welcome to the application of the Escort Recruitment Agency employment section. Should you be interested in seeking employment with us, please peruse the proposal below and fill out the screening form if you are willing to take advantage of our partnership offer. Once complete, the vetting form can be submitted to our team. Thank you for considering joining our supporting network.

Welcome To The Team

Would you like to partner with friendly and respected agencies? We are always looking for new or experienced Phone Operatives, Administrators, Office & HR Managers to join our family. We are a network of professional and empathetic collaborators who operate agencies with the utmost respect for all our partners. Our motto is simple, your success in life is our success in business, success not just financially but all the delicate areas of a person life that leads to happiness and ultimately contentment.
Testimonial of escort agency manager
TerryOffice Manager
I am proud to say that each of my team members have built strong and stable careers within the company. Without their hard work this agency would not be possible. I could not ask for a better team to manage!

Escort Agency Office Jobs

Apply for an Escort Agency Job with us today.   We are on the look out for passionate and hardworking individuals to fulfill our many important Escort Agency Office Job postings. We are a company that is constantly growing and always pushing the boundaries. Become an Escort Agency  Administrator and take your career to the next level.

Escort Agency Administrator

Choose your Escort Agency Job today and join our team of professionals.

We will only consider the most hard working and diligent applicants for our Escort Agency Administrators vacancies. it is of the up most importance that these vacancies be filled by people who have excellent office skills. Our in house training provides the necessary skill set you will need to perform your daily tasks efficiently. As an Escort Agency Administrator, you will be an integral building block in the foundation of our business. A weak building block means a shaky foundation!

Escort Agency Manager

Another important role in our company is our fleet of skilled escort agency managers. Applicants need to have strong people skills as well as the ability to delegate fairly. As an Escort Agency Manager you will need to motivate your team at all times.

Applicants will need to work well under pressure and perform a set of daily tasks. You will need to ensure that these tasks are handled speedily and efficiently at all times. As an Escort Agent Manager you will always have the companies best interests at heart.

Escort Agency Phone Operator

Do you have a friendly yet firm telephone personality? We are looking for you! Our Escort Agency Phone Operators interact with our clients and drivers on a daily basis. If you have a pleasant telephone personality and can talk well and listen intently then this job is for you. Attention to detail and keen listening skills are a must as an Escort Agency Phone Operator. The ability to multitask efficiently would be a valuable asset to the company. In house training and an easy to follow set of protocol will be provided for you.

Escort Agency Booker

We are looking for passionate, sales minded individuals to fill our Escort Agency Booker vacancies. Applicants need to be able to assist clients with bookings in a professional and friendly manner. Appointments need to be made fast and efficiently with no errors. As an Escort Agency Booker you need to be passionate about working with clients as well as the ability to handle any situation in a friendly and professional manner.

Escort Agency Screener

An Escort Agency Screener is an important addition to our team as this person will be responsible for all partner screening processes. The safety of our partners weighs heavily on our strict screening processes. It is extremely important that each screening process is followed precisely to ensure that only the highest standard of partners, contractors and clients are extracted. As an Escort Agency Screener, you are to be discreet and professional at all times when handling any screening process.

Different Escort agency jobs
Testimonial of escort agency booker
It is honestly a pleasure to work with such friendly clients on a daily basis. I have yet to find a client that is unpleasant or rude. In a way our clients become like old friends whom we look forward to receiving a call from.
Escort agency opportunites

Do you have what it takes to become one of our innovative team members? Our company offers all of our staff members complete in-house training and around the clock support. It is important to us that each individual be equipped with the necessary tools to excel within our company.




Can people read your writing clearly?


Are you smooth and have the right tone?


Are you going to be around when we need you?

Organizational Skills

Can you work efficiently and effectively?

Math Skills

Can you handle cash and card equations?

Data Entry Skills

Can you accurately manage information?

Booking Management

Can you precisely handle appointment setting?

Memorization skills

Can you remember clients and other details easily?


Do you know the area well enough to give directions?

Professional Conduct

Can you resist unprofessional relations with colleagues?

Spelling Skills

Can you spell properly and deal with difficult words?

Name Pronunciation

Can you pronounce unique, foreign or ethnic names?

Team Spirit

Are you able to handle authority and work as a team?

Managerial Qualities

Are you able to manage many people and details?

Learning Ability

Can you learn quickly and profit from your mistakes?


Are you honest about mistakes and avoid excuses?


Can you ask questions when you need to?

Stress Management

Can you work calmly under pressure?


Will you follow instructions in a timely matter?

Work Ethic

Are you willing to go the extra mile?

Sales Skills

Can you give customer service while increasing sales?

Computer Literacy

Are your computer skills up to par?

Sharp Senses

Is your eye sight and hearing good?

Attention To Detail

Can you notice and correct little mistakes?

Trust Worthiness

Can you be trusted with money and confidential data?

Fact Checker

Do you operate from facts and not assumptions?

Ambitious Determination

Would you like to become a partner and own shares?

Testimonial of an escort agency dispatcher
Each day on the job offers something different as a dispatcher, its up to me to make sure that our drivers know where they need to be and when they need to be there. Its a fast paced job which keeps me feeling challenged.

Amazing career opportunities

We have amazing career opportunities within our company and as you can see, we take our employees very seriously! If you are looking for a challenge and some excitement in your career then our company is the way to go. We are a professional company with a family feel to it and we would like to invite you to join our family today!

Exciting escort agency careers

Join Our Family

Escort Recruitment Agency is at the forefront of the adult entertainment industry. We are always on the lookout for dedicated, passionate management and administrative staff, contractors or partners. The various job roles include tasks of managing escorts, dispatching drivers, dealing with clients and customer service, handling money and basic book keeping; other subtasks like recruitment, marketing management and various others are required.

We provide training in using our systems and technologies or those of our partner network. We will carry out rigorous Background Checks, Criminal History Checks by the Discloser and Barring Service (previously known as CRB), Identity Verification, Employment History Verification, Educational Qualification Verification, as well as Online Media Checks.

All influential members of our network should have reputable characters and we do absolutely everything in our power to confirm and validate this. Upon applying we will match you with the best partner agency and get you started as soon as possible.

Testimonial on being an escort agency screener
Its my job to make sure that the clients are screened properly so as to ensure the safety of our escorts at all times. Its important for them to know who they are dealing with before hand so that there are no nasty surprises. Screening clients can take up a lot of time and time is money for our escorts.

Screening & Application Form

Thank you for reading this far. Please bear in mind that we receive vast amounts of applications on a daily basis. Should you not receive a response in the time you’re hoping for, you may give us a call at 020 3856 8815 to find out the status of your application. Rest assured that all information shared with us is 100% confidential, and we will never feed sensitive information to any third party whatsoever.

We’re Hiring!

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