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Welcome to the Application section for Escort Agency driver jobs. If you are interested in taking advantage of our partnership opportunity feel free to browse our proposal below. Submit the application form to us and one of our team members could be contacting YOU for an interview.

Welcome To The Team

We pride ourselves on our exceptional, world class client list. This includes some of the world’s most affluent and powerful VIPs who are some of our most loyal and dedicated customers. Meeting their demands and wishes is vital to our success, so we ensure our escorts are chaperoned by responsible drivers who ensure they safety and comfort at all times.
I took a gap year before going off to college and being a driver for the agency gave me the financial freedom I needed. An overall great learning experience!
Escort agency driver screening

Take advantage of our deluxe benefits

If you think you have what it takes to drive for a leading Escort Agency then please submit the application form to us. One of our team members will notify you of the status of you application as soon as possible. Our drivers are an important building block in our network and therefore we have an extensive lists of benefits to ensure our drivers are content.

We also ensure that our drivers love their work and don't consider it a job. By partnering with the Escort Recruitment Agency you get a number of benefits which will be discussed during the interview.

Escort Agency Driver characteristics and conditions

Characteristics And Conditions

There are some key attributes you will require in order to be successful in your application as a driver like a Full UK driving licence, Good driving skills, able to negotiate heavy traffic calmly and efficiently and follow designated routes. Good working knowledge of the area, including all major airports. Good knowledge of the English language. Available at late and work unsociable hours. Other qualities are;

- Open-minded and friendly personality
- Responsible
- Punctual
- Team player
- Fresh faced
- Knowledge of social etiquette
- English speaking

Very professional business setup. Everything runs like a well oil machine thanks to the admin staff and technology used!

Our reputation is important to us and we expect all of our staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. We take misconduct very seriously and any unruly or destructive behavior will be dealt with accordingly. Please click on the tabs and familiarize yourself with our company rules.

Escort Agency Driver rules and regulations

As a driver for the Agency, you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. All drivers maybe give agency ID cards therefore it is integral to obey the rules on and off road. Hazardous or dangerous driving will be considered as grounds for dismissal. Driving under the influence is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly. All drivers will be dressed formally and neatly as a representative of the company.

The following vehicular checks will be performed before each shift:

  • All tires should be checked including the spare
  • Indicators need to be in working order
  • All lights need to be in working order and the light covers should be checked for cracks
  • No oil or brake fluid leaks
  • Safety belts need to be in working order
  • Gas tank needs to be filled and oil and water checked
  • The engine/ gearbox should not be faulty in any way

This vehicle check is to ensure your safety as well as the escorts you are transporting. Each driver will need to ensure that these checks are done before the start of their shift.

The following is a list of correct conduct to adhere to while working. It is important to remember that everything you do will be a reflection of the company, so keep it professional at all times.

  • Always drive conspicuously and responsibly
  • Always ensure the safety of the escort you are transporting
  • Do your vehicle checks before your shift begins
  • Always dress neatly and be presentable

The following is a list of incorrect conduct which needs to be avoided. These transgressions will be dealt with severely as they reflect poorly on the company.

  • No smoking, drinking or use of illegal substances are allowed in the vehicle
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs is not allowed
  • Being late to collect or drop off an escort
  • Being unavailable while on shift
  • Failure to turn up for a shift or showing up late
The long hour shifts are easily balanced out by the amount of pounds paid to you! I never have a shortage of cash and don’t have to wait a whole month for pay day to arrive.
The application process was completely hassle-free and the agency got back to me in no time at all and I could start working within days.
I hated my boring desk job but I absolutely love being an Escort Agency driver! I will never go back to a desk job again. I get to meet all sorts of interesting people through out my day and no day is the same. Definitely an exciting career choice.
Escort agency driver team


Although all of our contractors are independent, there are strict rules and regulations to adhere to and any irresponsible or reckless behavior will be dealt with accordingly. If you fail to present us with a certain level of responsibility and professionalism, we will not hesitate to dismiss you.

Payments are made to drivers using their preferred payment method. We do recommend having a bank account as to lessen the risks of having large amounts of cash on your person at any given time.

Each driver is responsible for any agency money while on shift. Money collected from escorts or clients will be handed to the manager and accounted for after each shift. Any discrepancies will be queried and followed up on. Theft of client payments will result in an instant dismissal and criminal prosecution.

Our drivers are responsible for getting our Escorts to and from appointments in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in a number of penalties against your name and you will be seen as unreliable. If a large amount of penalty points are accumulated you will be liable for dismissal.

If at any time you wish to terminate your employment with us, an amicable termination can be discussed. If you have been relocated then the termination process might take slightly longer.


Become A Part Of Our Elite Team

As a leading UK professional escort agency we ensure our escorts are chaperoned by responsible drivers.

Our Professional Escort Agency is in need of a team of elite drivers to chaperone our ladies at all times. We are looking for friendly, responsible individuals who work well as part of a team. Our professional drivers are an integral part of our company and that’s why we only want serious candidates to apply. The driver’s position is an exciting career option but it is a crucial one.

Everything runs smoothly thanks to the Agencies excellent team of trained Dispatchers. I know exactly where I have to be and how to get there!

Screening & Application Form

Thank you for reading this far. Please bear in mind that we receive vast amounts of applications on a daily basis. Should you not receive a response in the time you’re hoping for, you may give us a call at 020 3870 3775 to find out the status of your application. Rest assured that all information shared with us is 100% confidential, and we will never feed sensitive information to any third party whatsoever.

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We can arrange this for you and it\'s all FREE!
Let us know if you have any comments or concerns so we can address them.
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