Escort Partnership Screening & Application

Welcome to the application and screening section of our Escort Recruitment Agency. Please take a few minutes to read through our proposal below before filling out the Application form. If you would like to take advantage of our Partnership Offer, all you need to do is complete the Application Form and click submit! A friendly member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Welcome To The Team

Would you like to partner with friendly and respected agencies? We are always looking for new or experienced escorts to join our family. We are a network of professional and empathetic collaborators who operate agencies with the utmost respect all our escorting partners. Our motto is simple, your success in life is our success in life, success not just financially but all the delicate areas of a person‘s life that leads to happiness and ultimately contentment.
The agency has given me the freedom to set my own hours and work at a pace that suits me. There is always more than enough work to go around and round the clock support whenever I need it!
We Care About You


We are very concerned about the welfare of our employees, partners and clients. As an escort partnering with the Escort Recruitment Agency we need to be certain that you have reached an age of maturity that brings with it the experience to make the exciting and life changing decision to be an escort and build a successful career in this alluringly lucrative world.

We need to ensure that you are ready by verifying your date of birth. The Age verification process is simple; you will be required to bring an acceptable document as proof of age. These are photo card driver’s licence, passport, and a national identity card issued by an EU member state or a Biometric Immigration Document (a Biometric Residence Permit). All our staff, contractors and agents produce these documents even clients are required to prove their age for the benefit of all involved.

Free photo and video shoots are a part of the marketing process which is used to create a brand around our partner escorts. We tend to lead towards quality and providing world class campaigns and marketing materials to attrach VIP and world class clients.

To this end our partner escorts have a dedicated and professional team of photographers, makeup and hair stylists, fashion consultants, copywriters, press agents, social media managers, and many more all under the direction of an experienced marketing director.  We will all work hard for you to ensure your success because we all benefit from it.

Our Agency is unique in the fact that we take care of all of the marketing and advertising issues. Time is money and we will save you a whole stack of time by handling all of your marketing needs. Our Advertising and marketing methods are totally for free for you which means we save you money by passing the cost on to us! We work hard to earn and grow our commissions by increasing your income.

Sure, if you were an independent contractor you would be keeping all of your earnings and not just a percentage right? Wrong! You would be giving out huge chunks of hard earned money on things like adverts, listings, promotional material and a long list of other marketing expenses. This is without the added costs of living added into the mix as well. We work with University Degree Level professional marketers with years of experience, so let us take care of the nitty gritty things while you focus on growing your career.


We have an outstanding marketing team waiting to put You in the spotlight. Your good side is our good side and that is why we only lean towards professional and high quality campaigns. Our experienced Marketing director will lead a team of copy writers, press agents and social media managers to ensure a professional profile is created with your best interests at heart. Imagine having your very own personal Web Page complete with professional blogs written on topics that matter to you.

Leave your reputation in our capable hands and we will build you a Social Media Platform which will attract a V.I.P clientele base.

We have a dedicated and diverse team of professional photographers, make- up artists, hair stylists and fashion consultants all waiting to bring out your inner beauty. Your success with in the company is important to us because it will ultimately mean a combined success for the company as well. This is why we believe in empowering our partners and supporting them every step of the way.

If you are applying from the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), or even within the UK, we can arrange to set you up in a location nearest to an agency of your choice. We will require you to be able to work and live in the UK without a need for a work permit.

So even if you are in any other part of the world and can work and live in the UK, we can arrange your air fight, transport to and from the airport and a hotel until you get settled in.

Since you are contractors and can leave whenever you want we always ensure we provide a return ticket for you and a taxi allowance to get where you need to get. We also cover any other costs incurred. After we receive your application we can plan for your relocation, please add any concerns you might have in the comments section of the screening application at the end of this page.

We know that moving can be stressful which is why we will go the extra mile to make your journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Unlike less reputable agencies, we do care about your overall well being and this includes making sure your arrival and your stay is a comfortable one.


If you require accommodation with your relocation, we can assist you in arranging accommodation and cover the costs. We can refer to you the top estate agencies or reputable independent agents in London and other prominent parts of the UK.

You can view some properties available to you in the slideshow and images further down in this page. Since you are a contractor and partner with us we will provide you with the funds required to for the accommodation and you can pick one from the various options and deal with the agents directly since you are independent and responsible for yourself.

But remember we provide a monthly money allowance for your rent, utilities, bills (all in your name) and even a weekly Grocery Allowance. The Escort Recruitment Agency Network takes care of our escorts so our escort can focus on taking care of our clients.

After we receive your screening form we will call you and discuss the details of this service we provide our partners if requested. If you have any concerns, there is a section in the screening form for questions.

All our partners benefit from our driver and chauffeur network. We offer this service to our escorts as well, so that you will not only get to our clients in conform and style; but you could also get everywhere you go the same.

All our drivers are screened and vetted to ensure we have a quality team capable to providing a quality service. If you are re-locating then you will get a pick up and drop off at the airport, train station or any other place of departure or arrival. We also provide this service to get you to and from our interviews if you live close to a partner agency or interviewer. In the odd cases that we need to use replace transportation services we will incur the cost for you so that you can focus on providing a quality service to our clients who we treat as VIPs.

As a measure of security for escorts who relocate we offer a weekly spending allowance in addition to free accommodation (including all living expenses), relocation expenses, free transport and a Grocery Allowance. We understand that your well-being is important and these offers will provide you with peace of mind as guarantees.

We will pay you the cash amount every week as agreed upon before you relocate, this will ensure that regardless of the amount of appointments you acquire you need not worry about anything since you have a return ticket, a place of your own to live, and the necessities of living and money to spend.  On your time off you can go shopping, sightseeing or any of the countless activities that make life more enjoyable. The amount you receive depends upon the city that you are re-locating to the cost of living there.

Our dexterous Marketing and Advertising team will be working around the clock to build up your profile and regular clients that prefer you. To ensure you are capable of meeting the standards that our clients expect, you might be required to attend various training events.

The training can range from social skills, to make-up techniques all the way to how to secure more appointments or longer ones. As you develop in this career you will be able to attract high class clients and command higher rates for your companionship. With this in time and the carrier lifespan of a courtesan we also provide financial consultations from top investment firms to assist our more

Ambitious and dedicated escorts to create a plan that will enable them to retire young and reap all the benefits of working smart with the Escort Recruitment Agency and its Partner Network.

There are also many other associated opportunities for escorts to increase their earnings, we can discuss these at set times in our induction and on-boarding process.

Free marketing
You may choose to spend time with a brand consultant to create your personal style and marketing strategy giving you a voice and not just parading you around as another pretty face.

Free Advertising
Why associate yourself with low standard amateur advertising when our professional team can save you time and money by doing it for you!

Free Relocation

Our priority is to relocate you in a comfortable and stress free manner. All relocation expenses are fully covered by us.

Free Accommodation

Live in a classy apartment and not worry about paying for the rent, lights, water and other bills including your grocery shopping.

Free Transport
Another way we save you money! Our team of experienced drivers will transport you to and from clients or anywhere else you need to be.

Free spending money
Yes you read correctly! We provide you with a spending allowance to use on shopping or sight-seeing on your off days.

Free development
We enable you to grow with in our company by providing you with any extra training you might require. With us you will never have to “wing it” because we believe knowledge is power.


I feel like a princess in a fairy tale! The agency handled my whole relocation process for me! I was terrified of moving but with the agency behind me, it was a breeze. They really do go the extra mile for their partners and I recommend them to anyone.

Characteristics And Conditions

We are looking for partners who have a love for life and are passionate about the things that interest them. We all have bad days but it is important that a client never knows about them. A bubbly and outgoing personality is always pleasant to be around and this will attract clients over and over again. You will be the face of the company and will therefore represent it proudly at all times. We will not tolerate any kind of behavior that embarrasses the company and fellow partners.

If you are NOT a people’s person, use drugs or have any mental illness, are unable to travel or are in the midst of spousal issues, your application will not be reviewed. Tattoos are only acceptable if you have an attractive personality, and are unwaveringly professional. We seek intelligent, proud and classy individuals who can represent us in a positive light to our clients, please read about other traits we will evaluate and requirements that will be considered.

We have a few standard Requirements you need to be aware of before filling the screening form.


  • 18 years or older
  • Single and free from constraint
  • Mentally stable
  • Free from alcohol or drug use
  • Free to travel with short notice
  • Well mannered
  • Well spoken

Ready for a new life???

Join the Escort Recruitment Agency network today.

-Open minded and friendly personality
- Responsible
- Punctual
- Team player
- Fresh faced
- Knowledge of social etiquette
- English speaking

You must be able to take the lead or follow as the situation dictates because some clients might be ‘shy’ hence they need for an escort, while others might be dominant who get along better with submissive types.

Confidence and comfort are important as a person with no belief in them self is unattractive and nervousness is contagious. Being able to make the client feel relaxed and provide him with a memorable time is a valuable skill to an escort.

Other social skills like a sense of humour, being able to start and hold a conversation and interpersonal awareness would enable you to cater to your clients’ needs and adapt as soon as it is necessary. Some clients require the type of attention that triggers feelings of affection, while others have a desire for passion and excitement. Flexibility is a priceless asset.

We are very concerned of the warefare of our employees, partners and clients. As an escort partnering with the Escort Recruitment Agency we need to be certain that you have reached an age of maturity that brings with it the experience to make the exciting and life changing decision to be an escort and build a successful career in this alluringly lucrative world.

Will need to ensure that you are ready by verifying your date of birth. The Age verification  process is simple, you will be required to bring an acceptable document as proof of age. These are photocard driver’s licence , passport , a national identity card issued by an EU member state or a Biometric Immigration Document (a Biometric Residence Permit). All our staff, contractors and agents produce these documents even clients are required to prove they age for the benefit of all involved.

Any applications submitted by a minor will not be reviewed. We have strict policies in place to ensure that all of our partners are of the correct age before they join the team. This is something we take very seriously and severe actions will be taken against any applicant who falsifies the documents need for the age verification process. We strive to create a safe working environment which is why we have strict screening procedures which stretch across all of our available positions.

In addition to being of a mature age to partner with us you will need to be able to work and live in the United Kingdom. The efforts of many people go into ensuring success for many others; we at the Escort Recruitment Agency are dedicated to maintaining the future sustainability of our network.

We work diligently to ensure that everybody that is invited to the inner circle to reap the benefits we strive to protect is an honest and legally abiding individual.

With those aims in mind we verify each applicant’s immigration and employment rights. As a contractor you will not be employed by us or associated agencies, you will be self-employed, but you still need the legal right to work and live in the UK. Even if you were born in the UK we will still need to verify this and keep records to avoid any future disputes shall they arise.

It is our firm belief and part of our culture that a happy escort leads to a happy client and a happy client is good for business. Beyond just customer service the well-being of our partners is paramount. We attempt to remove all environmental causes of stress in the workplace and refuse to work with any clients that create fiction in our smoothly flowing traditions. We screen the drivers to ensure they have the necessary emotional intelligence to sooth any anxieties and deal with any and all undesirable situations that may cause conflict and stir up negative emotions and thoughts.

We understand that people have their off days and although we do everything to ensure a peaceful cooperation this depends on people starting with sound physical, emotional and mental health. We will offer support for you if something undesirable develops while you are a partner with us this includes rehab, counselling and any other reasonable support activities. Please disclose any support you anticipate you will need.

Our strict screening procedures allow us to sift through the applicants in a responsible manner. The safety of our existing contractors, partners and clients depend heavily on our screening processes. We tend to steer clear of anyone who is and addict of any sort; drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. Any partners who develop or show signs of addictive behavior will be placed into a rehab center for treatment. Applicants with any mental instability will not be reviewed as they could prove to be a danger to themselves or others.

Before, during or after joining our team, our applicants are put through a series of medical tests to ensure they are healthy and fit. There is still the risk of encountering a venereal disease from a client or elsewhere later on especially with escort who are not trained in prevention strategies. This is why we encourage our partners to seek out our referral team of medical professionals in the event of such an occurrence. We also offer a wide range of financial advice when it comes to setting up health insurance and pension or retirement funds as well as other investments and saving budgeting for a rainy day.

Escorts that partner with us are independent and self-employed, and thus choose their own hours. Our escorts are 100% free to turn down booking at their own discretion. Fees will always be paid to our escorts for their time and companionship only. Escorts are paid daily in cash or any other payment method of their choice. Any “fantasy” scenarios found on any marketing materials are scenarios only, and do not in any way constitute contractual obligation.


We have everyone’s safety and best interests at heart which is why we have a rigorous screening process in place. Our partners, drivers, agents and administrators are all subject to the following background checks:

  • Criminal History Checks by the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Identity Verification
  • Educational qualification Verification
  • Online Media Checks

We do not like being lied to and will do everything in our power to confirm and validate your details.

Client screening is another free service we offer our escorts. Screening is sometimes a long and tedious process but it is an immensely important one. We ensure that your clients’ identity has been verified and that they do not appear on any sex offenders or escort blacklists. Clients are also checked against the relevant Government agencies to ensure that we are equipped to handle even the worst of situations promptly.

We also use the client screening process to play “match-maker” between our escorts and their clients. It makes for an enjoyable experience when there are shared interests.

Since everyone in our network has been screened and vetted thoroughly it will be very unlikely that you would get into any serious confrontations. While our drivers ensure you get safely to clients and back again you will also have a team to support you and handle any situation based on their various skill sets.

We have also provided many benefits like accommodation and allowances to ensure that your time with us will be pleasurable and the worst case scenario is comfortably manageable. Our escorts have access to STD clinics, counselors, therapists, personal trainers and a host of individuals to ensure they get VIP treatment which provides comfort, safety and security.

Our escorts are mostly paid daily in cash if that is a client’s payment method. Card payments will be paid when they clear in a method of your choice. We recommend that our escorts get a bank account so they do not have large amounts of cash accumulating in their apartments because this leads to many risks. We also can refer you to an accountant to deal with your person tax and even open a bank account for you.

You are a contractor and can stop working with us whenever you want; we might have a notice period of 12-24 hours for certain escorts and longer times for relocated escorts due to the complexities of the arrangement.

We are a legitimate business registered in the UK and we abide by the Governing Laws that we operation in. We ensure all of our agents are screened and have background check done and that all the escorts who partner with us are independent and doing so willingly.

All benefits like accommodation are handed directly by the escort with money paid to her to cover the expenses. We paid our escorts directly according to our agreements because we are against human trafficking or other forms of cohesion. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our clients, escorts, partners and staff and illegal activities jeopardizes the sustainability of our cooperation’s foundational principles.

If we suspect any violations of these principles or anyone in our network engaging in legal activities, we will be responsible and defend our continuing success by reporting this to the appropriate authorizes.


Join Our Family

Escort Recruitment Agency is at the forefront of the adult entertainment industry. We are always on the lookout for dedicated, passionate women over the age of 18. Applicants should be able to travel to and from the UK for work purposes. Ladies need to be well-groomed with an attractive, well-kept appearance. “People’s people” are what we’re looking for. The ability to speak a reasonable amount of English is a must. No chancers. Please take a minute to review our disclaimers.

We understand that relocating and taking on a new job with high demands can be daunting. But that’s exactly what we’re here for. We boast diverse experience in our industry, and never fail to take optimum care of each and every one of our valued escorts. Every one of our ladies is in safe hands, knowing that we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

I was totally surprised by the friendliness and professionalism with which I was met at the agency. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome. My first photo shoot was amazing! I felt like a supermodel thanks to the expert hair and make up team.
Finally! A company that understands me and cares about what I need. The admin team is super efficient and that leaves me free to do what I do best!

Screening & Application Form

Thank you for reading this far. Please bear in mind that we receive vast amounts of applications on a daily basis. Should you not receive a response in the time you’re hoping for, you may give us a call at 020 3870 3837 to find out the status of your application. Rest assured that all information shared with us is 100% confidential, and we will never feed sensitive information to any third party whatsoever.

We’re Hiring!

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Formal Application

Email and Dates

Contact Information

Please insert links to you professional websites and profiles below.


Please mention the exact site where you found us.


About you

Students are required NOT to work during exams. You must let us know about your out of town breaks one (2) weeks in advance.
We might be able to find you clients near your place of study or assist you relocate if you are flexible.
A member of the team will call you upon receiving and processing your screening and application form to explain what is required for this job.
Please let us know the locations you worked, the places your advertised your services and include other relevant information.

Agency History 1

Agency History 2


Working with us

If we choose to partner with you and you require more time to prepare yourself you can include information like notice periods for your current agreements and any other relevant information.


Your Stats

Please remember, you MUST LOOK the part to rise on the pay scale and the area must support it!




Please let us know the details of your status and the reasons you may not be sure.
We can arrange this for you and its all FREE.
Let us know if you have any comments or concerns so we can address them.
We can arrange this for you and it\'s all FREE!
Let us know if you have any comments or concerns so we can address them.



We are NOT a cell phone pic/fly by night Service. We gladly doctor/blur your photos (facial and tattoos) to keep your privacy all your own. These are for evaluation only and will NOT be published anywhere unless you enter into an agreement to work with us. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ARE A REQUIREMENT. YOU WILL NOT COMMAND HIGH RATES FOR YOUR TIME WITH \’SELFIES.\’ We command a higher quality working woman.

Selfie\'s will not be accepted!

This is to prove your age only!To be advertised you must prove your legal age. A photo of your State ID, Driver\’s License or Passport is acceptable.

Evaluation Photos

Note:The evaluation photo\’s you submit will not be published. They are for our evaluation process only.

If there is anything else you want to include or ask please add it here.