Welcome To Our Exclusive Escort Referral Program

Escort Recruitment Agency is one of the fastest growing Escort Companies in the UK and Europe and part of our overall objectives is to become the industry leader both here and overseas. Our growth has been inspired by the high quality of services that we provide as well as our commitment to the satisfaction of all our escorts. That is why more than half the escorts in our fold are escorts who were either referred to us by other escorts or by friends who knew about our company. We know that there are tons of beautiful and hardworking escorts out there who struggle to make ends meet and who could enjoy beautiful live working with us but they just haven’t heard about us. We also recognize the fact that more escorts are likely to join our ranks if they hear about us from their friends and people they know. Now that is where you come in.

We want to pay you to give your friends and acquaintances the opportunity of a lifetime! By referring a friend to sign up with us as an escort, you get to earn cash commissions and they get to work with one of the best and most reputable escort agencies in the business. And we get to grow even bigger and better! Everybody wins- so why wait any longer? Register for our Escort Referral Program using the form on this page and start reaping the rewards!


So you have decided to join our unique escort referral program- Welcome to the family. This is probably among the best decisions you are going to make this year. Not only because it is an opportunity for you to earn extra income by referring friend but also because this is your chance to expose deserving escorts to an opportunity that will change their lives. But first things first.

How a Regular Referral System Works

Word of mouth is considered among the most effective of all the tools that marketers use to promote their products and services. People are generally more likely to join a program or buy a product if they hear about it from someone they know or trust. Take a meal out with friends as an example- how often have you used the phrase ‘I will have whatever he is having’? This illustrates just how powerful a recommendation from a friend can be in swaying decisions. Telling someone to buy or signup for something because you believe it is worth it is referred to as giving referral or referring someone. In a typical referral program, a person refers new clients or customers to a business and gets paid a commission if the people they refer actually buy or sign up. The person issuing the referral is called the advocate while the one receiving the referral is simply called a friend or referee.

How Our Escort Referral System Works

The general design of our referral program for escorts is modelled along the same lines. We are looking for advocates to refer escorts to us and become part of our team. For that we pay the advocates a commission calculated as a percentage of the earnings made by the people that they refer. All you have to do is register as an advocate with us, refer escorts to work with us and then wait for your paycheck once they do so.


Registration procedure

Anyone and everyone is free to sign up for our escort referral program. You do not have to be an escort in order to sign up and neither do you have to know any escorts beforehand. No one is born an escort- it comes with training and experience. There are literally millions of beautiful ladies out there who dream of becoming escorts and living their dreams but who simply do not know where to start. Some of them might be your friends on Facebook, Twitter or even your next door neighbors. This is your chance to make their dreams come true by letting them know about us. And the best part is you get to get some good cash for doing so much good. The first step is completing the registration form on this page. Registration is 100% free and you do not need to provide any payment details. We only ask for your full names and a valid email address through which we can contact you and send you the materials that you need. The entire registration process takes a couple of seconds. Once you complete and submit the form you will receive an email with a unique referral link as well as a unique code. These are just a few of the tools that you will need in order to reach more people. Remember you never know who among the people in your circles are interested in becoming escorts and so the idea is to reach as many of them as possible with that information. Make sure that you share the link or code with all the escorts you refer to us. They will be asked to present this when they register and that is what will be used to automatically track them back to you and process your commission.

Referring escorts

Once you have signed up for our referral escort program, your next task is to spread the word and get escorts from within your circles to sign up with us. You can do this in many different ways. For instance, you could go the traditional way and literally speak to people about joining Escort Recruitment Agency or you could decide to leverage the immense power of social media to reach even more people. It is all up to you really. We want you to succeed- when you succeed, we succeed. And so we provide our advocates with all the support and promotional materials that they need in order to get more referrals.

Escorts signup

Every escort who joins our fold is asked as signup whether or not they were referred by one of our advocates. Make sure your escort friends have your referral link or the unique code sent to you at signup so that we will be able to automatically track and credit the payment to your account.

Reports and Payment

All our escorts are paid daily for the work they do and you, as the person who referred them, are entitled to a commission based on what they earn during their first 30 days of working with us. Once the 30 days have elapsed your total commission will be automatically calculated and sent over to you using your preferred payment method. You will also receive an email report for every referral that you bring in.

Finding referrals

One of the key pillars behind every successful referral program is the ability of the advocates under the program to reach as many potential referees as possible. Remember that the more escorts you refer to us, the more money you stand to make and the more lives you are potentially going to be able to save. To help you achieve this, you will be provided with a number of online and offline tools that you can use to inform the people in your circles about us and what we are offering. In addition we also have a dedicated team to help you with any questions you have about the program and who are always ready to provide helpful tips so that you are able to make the most out of these tools and materials. Our escort referral program is open to both escorts and non-escorts. If you are an escort (or wish to be one) and you would like to join our agency and work with us then please visit our Escort Registration Page here. You can find all the information you need and an escort registration form for you to fill. But why have all the fun alone? After you register with us as an escort, you can come back to this page and join our escort referral program so that you get paid extra for every other escort you refer to us!

Support and Training Materials for the Escort Referral Program

Our escort referral program has been running for the last three months and within that time we have seen the number of escorts in our agency grow by leaps and bounds. Along with them comes a large and ever growing number of satisfied advocates who refer new escorts to us on a daily basis. If you know about referral marketing then you understand that this is no men achievement. Traditional referral programs depend only on word of mouth referrals in order to get leads and there are only so many people that can be reached that way. So how are we able to achieve what we have? And how do our advocates manage to get so many referral escorts for us? Simple- we have committed ourselves to providing all the advocates under our escort referral program with all the training, support materials and tools that they need to succeed. The specific tools as well as guides on how to best use them will be explained below. However, it is important to always remember that at the end of the day these are just tools and, as such, they can only be as effective as the people that use them. So even with these tools you must be ready to put in some good effort in order to achieve the targeted results.

Basic Tools

Once you successfully sign up for our escort referral program, you will receive a unique link which is supposed to be your personal referral link. This is the first tool you will receive and probably the most important one. The primary purpose of the referral link is to help us automatically keep track of all escorts referred to us by you. We receive and interview many new escorts every day and without the link it would be almost impossible to track their sources and pay the people who refer them to us. If you are going to market online then make sure that all the escorts you refer to us use that link. The link itself can be disguised within banners or hyperlinked to other content but only if it explicitly lets people know here they will be directed once they click the link. In addition to helping us keep track of all referrals, the unique referral link can also be used as a powerful marketing tool particularly by people who either blog regularly or who have their own websites. First they can attract working and potential escorts to their pages by creating interesting or informative content- something people will actually want to read- and then hyperlinking calls to action within the pages to our website using their unique referral links. That way anyone who reads the content is enticed to click on the link and when she does she is directed to our escort registration page and that referral is credit to your account once she signs up and then starts working with us.

For people who prefer to physically tell people about us we have special codes that serve the same purpose as the referral links except for the fact that the can be used offline. Along with the referral link you will also receive your own special code when you sign up. Use this code in all promotional materials that you utilize and make sure that the escorts you refer to us use this code when they sign up to work with us.

Promotional Materials

Having the right tools and knowing exactly how to use them is essential in running a successful referral campaign for escorts. Most people are, by nature, ‘selfish’. Anytime you try to convince them to either buy something or join anything, it is almost inevitable that they will ask, ‘what’s in it for me?’ always keep this point in mind whenever you approach a potential escort that you want to refer to us. Explain to them exactly why they should become part of Escort Recruitment Agency and all the benefits that they stand to enjoy by becoming part of us.

We understand that you probably do not know much about our agency. While we advise you to try and learn as much as you can about us, we have made sure that you do not absolutely have to do so in order to properly market our services and agency. To this end we have put together a set of promotional and marketing tools which explain everything to the escorts and potential escorts about us, what we do, how they can join us and the advantages that come with doing so. These promotional materials can be grouped into two broad categories:

Majority of the world’s population today, particularly the youth, all communicate with their friends through digital platforms. It therefore makes perfect sense to assume that this is the new ‘word of mouth’. So if you are joining our referral marketing program for escorts then that is where you need to be. We provide you with tools such as professional banners that you can share online with people who are in your circles including your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers as well as your email contacts.

Our research shows that advocates who add a personal touch to their message have a higher conversion rate when it comes to the number of escorts successfully referred to us than those who do not. So to make the most out of this opportunity you will have to engage in some physical marketing as well. When you go to social gatherings, meetings and parties you never know who you are going to meet there and there is a good chance that some of the people you come across might be interested in joining our team of escorts. To help you out we provide fliers, posters and brochures containing all the information you need to share. You will receive printable versions of these tools once you sign up and you can use them to physically convince the people within your circle to sign up with us as escorts.

Referral Techniques- How to Find New Escorts within Your Circles

Anyone can be an escort- if they choose to do so and know how to go about it. This is a key principle that every successful advocate under our escort referral program has learnt to follow all the time. It means that you never really know who is and who is not likely to be interested in working with us. So the idea is to try and reach as many people as possible within all your circles so as to improve the probability of finding interested escorts. Do not just focus on people who already work as escorts- spread the word and you might be surprised where the positive responses come from. Here are some of the most effective techniques that our most successful advocates under the referral program for escorts have been using.



In direct marketing, as the title suggests, the advocate is in direct contact with all prospective leads who are usually people within their circle of friends. Direct referral marketing for escorts can be done both offline and offline through;

  • Direct emails- if you have the email contacts of the people you think might be interested in working with us then you can send them emails explaining what we have to offer. Feel free to use the banners provided to you within the emails so that you present a stronger case but do not overuse them otherwise the email will look too spammy. When creating the emails, try to keep everything simple so that the readers do not feel like too much is being asked of them and always emphasize on what they stand to gain. Be sure to include your unique referral link in the emails so that escorts who click on it can be automatically traced back to you and you can get paid.

  • Social media- you probably already have tons of friends on Facebook and even more followers on Twitter and Instagram. So why not leverage that to your advantage? With all the banners and other tools provided to you can create some interesting and visually appealing posts which you can share on these platforms. You can also write your own posts with more information and even send direct messages to the people that you know on a personal level to increase your overall outreach.

  • Word of mouth- when you meet people you know and who you think might be good fits for our agency, talk to them. We provide printable fliers, posters and brochures which you can distribute physically to the people around you and the people you meet to help you sell your point to them.



Sometimes you are only able to get potential escorts interested in our agency but you cannot convince them to sign up. In such cases, we are here to help and we have multiple options for you to use and two of them are explained below;

  • Advance notice- you can send us a message with the contact details of the escorts and we will get in touch with them with materials explaining what we have to offer. However, we encourage this as a last resort and the commissions you earn from this kind of referral will be significantly lower than what you would make if you closed the lead yourself.

  • Telemarketing- the second option is through a conference call. Advocates working with us can invite one of our marketing staff members to participate in a conference call in which there is a prospective escort that he or she is trying to get to join us. However, make sure the escort is informed in advance about our participation in the conference call.

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